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Are there any discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, CogniSwitch does provide a special pricing for non-profit organizations to benefit from our GenAI capabilities. Just write to us at for more details on your pricing and other details

What is BYOC?

BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Cloud. CogniSwitch gives you the freedom to host your data on your own cloud. Along with the option to use CogniSwitch's cloud storage which is hosted on Azure Cloud, you could alternatively choose the option to host on the cloud of your choice for an added level of security.

What are the limits on the free trial?

The free trial restricts your usage to up to 100,000 tokens on the CogniSwitch console. On the free trial you are restricted to the sandbox environment, You can upload roughly up to 25mb worth of documents with a cap of 5mb/ document and query your data till you reach the 100k limit. After you’ve hit the threshold, usage will be restricted.

Can I extend the usage limit on the free trial?

Extending the usage limits on free trials can be done under certain circumstances. To get help with this write to us at or book a demo with our team to request for an extension of the same.

Are the tokens allocated for a plan based on a one-time pricing?

The tokens allocated per plan are for a month. Once the month is completed your token count will be reset. The tokens if unused will not accumulate and be carried forward for the next month.

What tenure do your contracts have?

CogniSwitch gives you te freedom to choose the tenure of your sunscriptions. We provide Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual tenures. The longer your tenure, the better the pricing.

What happens if I cross my plans usage limits?

When you’re nearing the completion of your tokens, you’ll be alerted for the same. You can top your token limits for that specific month or choose to upgrade your plan if need be. For more details on pricing related to additional token top-ups you can book a demo with our team.

What are tokens?

You can think of tokens as pieces of words used for natural language processing. For English text, 1.33 tokens are approximately 1 word. Roughly around 1000 tokens is 750 words.  Tokens are used for data consumption, analysis and retrieval of concepts from your data, querying your knowledge and retrieval of answers.

How do I know the right plan for my use case and how many tokens would I require?

Choosing the right plan for use case can be a struggle but not to worry our team of experts can help you evaluate your use case and suggest the best plan for your GenAI project. Book a demo with us or write to us at

I'm a startup and my customers are enterprises

All the more reason for you to choose CogniSwitch. We understand that startups may face trouble with these proces before the ROI kicks in. For that reason we havespecifically formualted pricings for Startups. For more details on the viable prices and plans, write to us at and our team will assist you with the details you need

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