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Origin Of CogniSwitch

CogniSwitch stemmed from the need to solve one of the oldest and largest enterprises problems - knowledge management. The vast repositories of information and not knowing what to do with it. Think about it, how would you approach such a vast problem? Could you ignore what could potentially be a goldmine of information that the enterprise could use across teams, hierarchies and time zones.

Cut back to the launch of ChatGPT and the world went berserk about LLMs and their limitless potential, right up until hallucinations, bias and accuracy showed the world that the solution was far from enterprise ready. With a small team of experts and AI enthusiasts spearheaded by Dilip Ittyera, CogniSwitch has been on the cutting edge of Generative AI ensuring that enterprises and organizations can now accurately traverse and access their knowledge on demand.  

Why we built CogniSwitch

The reason we built CogniSwitch is quite simple, we want to fix reliability issues enterprises and businesses are facing with the adoption of GenAI and the use of LLMs in their daily operations. Our aim is to rid GenAI projects of hallucinations and bring enterprises closer to achieving 100% accuracy.

But to address the accuracy concerns, we needed to get to the root of the problem. Having played around with LLMs before the hype of ChatGPT and the mainstream use of LLMs the problem was evident to us. It’s almost impossible to expect accuracy out of LLMs despite the guardrails and training, purely due to their probabilistic nature. Which leads us to the underlying problem.

It isn’t the technology or the AI, they’re great for their own unique applications. At being creative, which is purely a byproduct of how they’re built. They’re great at generating summaries, extracting entities and manipulating text through prompts but sadly they lack the understanding to give enterprises the level of accuracy they seek.

Put simply, the problem lies in the data we use to train or guardrail the LLMs. This single dimensional format of data is inadequate for consumption by the LLMs and is why the LLM falls back on its probabilistic tendencies to fetch an answer based on what it thinks matches the query, contrary to understanding it.

CogniSwitch is an API based data platform that enhances enterprise data by extracting entities, concepts and their relationships thereby converting this data into a multidimensional format and storing it in a database that can accommodate these enhancements. In our case the data is stored in a knowledge graph. This enhanced data is now ready for consumption by LLMs and other GenAI applications ensuring the data is consumable and context can be maintained. Thereby eliminating hallucinations and delivering accuracy.

Dilip Ittyera: CEO and Founder of CogniSwitch

At 64, Dilip Ittyera embodies the rare blend of a seasoned innovator and a familial patriarch. With the unique distinction of being a 3X Founder, 4X CTO, and the current CEO of Cogniswitch.ai, Dilip's career is a testament to enduring excellence in the field of artificial intelligence. His pioneering work began in the 1980s, navigating through the ebbs and flows of AI development, including the challenging periods of the AI winter. Today, he champions the development of digital twins for enterprise knowledge management with Cogniswitch.ai, marking the latest chapter in a storied career.

Dilip's tenure as CTO, where he led a transformative business unit at Zensar, is now celebrated as a Harvard case study, symbolizing his impact on the industry. His leadership has spanned across behemoths like Hexaware and Zensar, where he not only spearheaded innovation but also fostered teams that pushed the boundaries of technology and business.

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Our team

Meet the founders

Team has researched graph based architecture for years that solve Enterprise AI needs

Dilip Ittyera
CEO and Founder of CogniSwitch

30 yrs in Knowledge/Expert Systems, ex-CTO Zensar (NSE: ZENSARTECH), Scaled BU from 0 to 25 Mil in 2 yrs

Joshua Thomas
Co-Founder & CTO

CTO, 10+ yrs in AI, ex-Product Lead Aikon. Deep expertise in Computation linguistics

Vivek Khandelwal
Co-Founder & CBO

2x Founder, IIT Bombay Grad, Bootstrapped and Scaled iZooto to a market leader in marketing automation category. Now, leads all things GTM.

Our investors

Meet our investors

We are proud to introduce our esteemed investors who believe in our vision and support our journey. Each of our investors brings invaluable experience and insights, helping us to innovate and achieve our goals. Together, we are committed to creating a brighter future and making a lasting impact in our industry.

Pallav Nadhani

Investor & Founder, sold Fusion charts & Chart.com

Vijay Rayapati

CEO, AtomicHQ, founder, sold Minjar to Nutanix

Vikram Mehmi

CFO turned CEO at enterprises like VSNL, Idea, Birla Life

Tom Varkey

HBS, Fidelity, GP Private Fund

Aneesh Reddy

CEO of Capillary Technologies

Krish Subramanian

Co-founder & CEO of Chargebee

Rajaraman Santhanam

COO at Chargebee


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Case Study
April 28, 2024

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As AI advances, its flaws, like inaccuracies, pose risks in high-stakes areas. Tools like ChatGPT are useful for quick tasks but unreliable for critical fields like civil engineering, where precision is crucial.
Case Study
April 28, 2024

Leading Innovation and Organizational Change at Zensar (B)

Zensar's innovative technology, to be led by Dilip Ittyera, CEO Natarajan adopted a new organizational structure focused on industry verticals.
April 28, 2024

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