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A team with experience building AI for 40+ years

CogniSwitch was incorporated in the year 2022 after a few years in stealth, stemming from the need to solve one of the enterprises biggest problems. The vast repositories of information and not knowing what to do with it. Think about it, how would you approach such a vast problem? Could you ignore what could potentially be a goldmine of information that the enterprise could use across teams, hierarchies and time zones.

Cut back to the launch of ChatGPT and the world went berserk about LLMs and their limitless potential, right up until hallucinations, bias and accuracy showed the world that the solution was far from enterprise ready. But we haven’t given up yet. So far, with a small team of experts and AI enthusiasts spearheaded by Dilip Ittyera Thomas our CEO CogniSwitch has been on the cutting edge of Generative AI ensuring that enterprises and organizations can now accurately traverse and access their knowledge on demand.  

Dilip Ittyera: CEO and Founder of CogniSwitch

At 64, Dilip Ittyera embodies the rare blend of a seasoned innovator and a familial patriarch. With the unique distinction of being a 3X Founder, 4X CTO, and the current CEO of Cogniswitch.ai, Dilip's career is a testament to enduring excellence in the field of artificial intelligence. His pioneering work began in the 1980s, navigating through the ebbs and flows of AI development, including the challenging periods of the AI winter. Today, he champions the development of digital twins for enterprise knowledge management with Cogniswitch.ai, marking the latest chapter in a storied career.  

Dilip's tenure as CTO, where he led a transformative business unit at Zensar, is now celebrated as a Harvard case study, symbolizing his impact on the industry. His leadership has spanned across behemoths like Hexaware and Zensar, where he not only spearheaded innovation but also fostered teams that pushed the boundaries of technology and business.

Meet our Investors

Pallav Nadhani
Investor & Founder, sold Fusion charts & Chart.com
Vijay Rayapati
CEO, AtomicHQ,  founder, sold Minjar to Nutanix
Vikram Mehmi
CFO turned CEO at enterprises like VSNL, Idea, Birla Life
Derick Shaefer
GTM Expert, ex-Microsoft, Digital Insigh, Trintech, WebSynthesis
Tom Varkey
HBS, Fidelity, GP Private Fund
Aneesh Reddy
CEO of Capillary Technologies
Krish Subramanian
Co-founder & CEO of Chargebee
Rajaraman Santhanam
COO at Chargebee
SaaS Acellerator
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