Expand your developer capabilities into the realm of Generative AI
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Let CogniSwitch handle decisions related to:

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CogniSwitch makes building production ready Generative AI applications stress free!

Quickly build applications to scale using your preferred Frameworks, LLMs & within the tools you require!


Let CogniSwitch do the heavy lifting

CogniSwitch manages intricate decisions like data storage, retrieval, and source tracking, allowing you to concentrate on creating robust AI powered applications.

Streamlined Knowledge Graphs:

Generate dynamic knowledge graphs effortlessly.

Organize and explore data intuitively.

Effortless Document Management:

Seamlessly handle various document types, from PDFs to plain text.

Automate document processing for organized, accessible data.

Natural Language Queries:

Respond to natural language queries with our intelligent knowledge graph.

Deliver user-friendly, context-aware answers.

Provenance/ SourceTracking:

Maintain transparency with tracked answer sources.

The origin, history and edits made to the knowledge are maintained

Human Expertise Integration:

Collaborate with knowledge experts to fine-tune knowledge.

Ensure alignment with your specific requirements.

Visualized Knowledge:

Visualize knowledge with graph-based representations.

Simplify complex ideas and connections.

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Low learning curve

Worried about having to master a new tool? Don’t be! If you know how to make an API call, that's all you need to use CogniSwitch and bring better functionality to your applications.

With API documentation to walk you through the setup CogniSwitch is a worthy addition to a developer's arsenal

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Get inspired with our GitHub repository!

Need a little help getting acquainted with CogniSwitch?

Not to worry, just browse through our GitHub repository that contains details on how to use CogniSwitch. It also contains instructions to help use it along with popular frameworks like LangChain and LlamaIndex. We keep it updated with sample code to help you use GenAI in its numerous applications.

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Get a headstart on building your next big AI Application with CogniSwitch!

Build Resilient Chatbots

Eliminate the issues chatbots are plagued with, such as access to knowledge and hullucination making them capable

Intelligent Support Tools

Empower support teams with CogniSwitch: curated responses, knowledge guidance, and provenance tracking.

Research/ Info Traversal

From complex app development to academic support, CogniSwitch streamlines learning and research

Intelligent AI Assistants

CogniSwitch powers personalized AI assistants, gathering info seamlessly, spanning platforms, and meeting team needs.
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