Transform Gen AI Apps With Knowledge Graphs

All Enterprise Gen AI developers run into the same fundamental problems. High Failure Rates, Massive OpenAI Bills, and pilots crawling at snail pace.

CogniSwitch Solves Them.  

CogniSwitch Powers GenAI Applications For Enterprises Globally  

Building Gen AI Apps  Shouldn't be SLOW and PAINFUL

Traditional RAG slows down AI Developers with unnecessary choices and bloated costs.
Ingestion means managing Vector databases and implementing chunking strategy.
Retrieval is based on similarity Search which pollutes the context with noise.
Failure rates go up exponentially because of probabilistic responses.
Dealing with natural language data needs a new approach to RAG.

Introducing Knowledge Graph RAG For Enterprise AI Developers

Knowledge Graph RAG ensures accuracy, consistency and explainability.
No more failures, and through the roof bills.

Only Context. No Noise

Retrieval deterministic by traversing through Knowledge Graph ensures retention of 100% context

10X Faster Deployment

Automated, Optimized, and Configurable Pipeline with Easy to use REST APIs help developers to go live faster
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100% Accuracy w/ Proof

Generation is grounded in facts and AI guardrails ensure 100% accuracy, explainability and consistency

5X Cost Saving

CogniSwitch's approach to Graph RAG scales faster and cost effectively. We pass on the benefit to developers

The Perfect Orchestration Layer for Your Gen AI Stack

CogniSwitch Automates Gen AI Pipeline in 4 Steps


Whether it's documents, URLs or a cloud drive, seamlessly connect your sources of knowledge. Upload any form of unstructured knowledge


CogniSwitch uses the LLMs Natural Language prowess to help gather concepts, entities and their relationships from the knowledge provided


Unlike tradition RAG, CogniSwitch handles the storage of the mined concepts in a Knowledge Graph database, so that developers can focus on development


Just like that you’re ready to query your knowledge from any tool of your choice. Provide the knowledge your teams or customers need where it’s most convenient for them

Built for Enterprise AI Developers

Faster Deployment

Using CogniSwitch does not require you to have an AI developer capability. Simply the ability to call APIs is sufficient to get started using CogniSwitch

Automated Pipeline

Focus on the functionality of your application while CogniSwitch handles the decision making concerned with the storage, curation and retrieval of data.

Low Learning Curve

CogniSwitch is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our GitHub repository contains a wealth of knowledge on how to go about utilizing GenAI for your use case

Now Available on LangChain and LlamaIndex.

Use our APIs to seamlessly connect with your favorite tools.
Plugin to sources where your data resides to ingest your resident knowledge.


For LangChain

CogniSwitch Toolkit on LangChain relieves developers from the stress of choosing the right storage and retrieval formats. Get started by interacting with your knowledge in just two simple steps.

For LlamaIndex

CogniSwitch's Graph RAG solves for both ingestion and retrieval. Use this to store data from File or URL. Query in natural language and get a natural language answer using CogniSwitch Tool spec.

Start Building AI Assistants. Now.

Context specific GenAI for your teams

Take a look at a few of the Teams we help augment with relaible GenAI
Generate code, automate testing, data management, process creation and analysis apart from several other applications.
Augment Chatbots, automate L1 & L2 support as well as assist agents with the knowledge they need to resolve queries
Automate document creation, credit scoring, fraud detection and prevention as well as navigating legal documentation
Automate employee onboarding, recruitment, training and enhancing employee engagement to name a few
Instant access to poduct or services documntation, content generation, email marketing and campaign analysis.
Access sales playbooks and product descriptions to assist on calls & contract and document automation

Experience Enterprise Data Come To Life with Knowledge Graph


CogniSwitch For Developers

Now build your own personal GPT Assistant with your own data. Analyze and get expert insights for any use case. Simply load your knowledge sources - PDFs, Documents, Text Files and start querying it using CogniSwitch.

Free Up To 100K Tokens

EnterpriseGPT For MS Teams

A GPT Bot within MS Teams to help your team chat with your knowledge base and get all their answers. Boost productivity, and discoverability of information without worrying about data security and privacy.

Free up to 100K Tokens.
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