Supercharge your Gen AI applications

Boost reliability, slash costs, and speed up deployment


Works hand-in-glove with the best in Generative AI

Enterprises can do without bias and hallucinations

Generative AI employs LLMs to assist in response generation. However, due to the way LLMs are built, they tend to hallucinate.

Semantic search results do not eliminate hallucinations and bias in generative AI responses.


How does CogniSwitch make Gen AI reliable?

CogniSwitch automates gathering and organizing facts and knowledge from documented sources.

Constraining Generative AI with this knowledge eliminates hallucinations and bias ensuring reliability.
CogniSwitch supports human expert in the loop workflows for knowledge curation.

CogniSwitch APIs make it possible for enterprises to utilize this knowledge on-demand to power reliable Generative AI applications.

How does this technology work?

Provide Knowledge

Identify your enterprise knowledge sources or upload documents in multiple formats like PDF, Word, Google Docs, Text, HTML etc.

Gather and Organize

We use AI to auto-gather and organize your knowledge. Your experts can visualize and curate the knowledge and facts before publishing it.

Serve On Demand

Connect your Gen AI applications utilizing the CogniSwitch API to consume the knowledge on-demand and ensure reliability.


We're now on the MS Teams store

Does your business use Microsoft Teams? Experience the accuarcy, reliability and functionality of the CogniSwitch platform right within MS Teams. EnterpriseGPT helps augment your channels with wisdom thats essential for work.


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